Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Group Shiela's Analysis

Hello teammates and fellow bloggers!

Here is what our group has come up with at this point. More research is planned to be tackled and updates will soon be posted.

Repeats at mm. 208:
-Contains the same closing theme at the repeat in the recap as the exposition
-Beethoven may have put the repeat here to elongate the piece (development & recap are shorter than what is usually expected)
-Puts more emphasis on the development and the recap

How many PACs?
-17 PACs
-There is still tension in the piece because these PACs are small, they move quickly, and are not very definitive

mm. 123-127 vs. mm. 155-161
-mm. 155-161 (e minor) is a variation of 123-127 (b-flat)
-Stacks the same as it did in mm. 123-127
-mm. 123-132 is in the exact middle of the piece
-The piece may be like a mirror. Significance of the "a tempo" found in mm. 123

Coda? What happens? Why?
-Coda is similar to a typical recap
-Starts with the opening theme in the exposition (e minor)
-He restates original themes from the exposition
-Harmonically, from mm. 241 to end, it is identical to the exposition
-Same thematic material in mm. 241 as it is in mm. 11 in the exposition
-What if mm. 241 is actually supposed to be the beginning of the piece?
-Potentially could have written the sections from back to front

The investigation still continues...

Shelley Scarr
Jonathan Schorr
Brenden DuBois
Ryan Atkinson

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