Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nicole's Group

Since no one in my group has posted yet, I thought I give what I have so far..

1. Motive Texture 198-205 Connects to What?

I did a harmonic analysis on all of the motive textures found within the piece. It seems as if they are an extended cadential passage that seems to be the transition between one theme texture to another.

2. Exposition Transitions-Harmonic Analysis

3. mm. 155-161: Deviates from Exposition; Like mm. 107?

What our group noticed when we were in class on Wednesday was that it seems that the deviation happens in about the same spot of the recap. as when the transition in the exposition starts. It seems like he deviated so that he could modulate to another key. In the exposition he modulates to G Major, but it seems like he modulates to E Major in the recap. The question still is why though...

4. Harmony from 183-199

I have the analysis for 2 and 4, but I don't know what to make of them in the context of the piece, they don't seem to be too much out of place, but I know that there is probably something I'm missing.

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sarah s said...

The trouble I had with the harmonic analysis of this section is that it's all so chromatic it's hard to find a tonal center to base an analysis on. I think it is mostly just a transitional/cadential passage.

I don't think we ever agreed on where the transitions in the exposition occur. I know that one started at m.21, but we never figured out where it ended.

The harmony from mm.183-199 seems just like a huge cadential expansion.